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Did you know that Abstract Lighting LLC is Arizona’s #1 Landscape Lighting company?

We have been servicing Arizona for OVER 10 years now and believe that your lighting HAS to be perfect. Did you also know that we’re one of the FEW companies that will double OR triple check your business or home landscape lighting? That’s right, if it’s not absolutely perfect, will move, fix or change your lighting.

Pool Lighting

Along with Landscape Lighting, we are ONE of two companies in Arizona that does Star floors in your pool using fiber optic light technology and we’re the only company in Arizona that utilizes onyx lighting technology to create custom art, logos etc in the form of light! No matter how good our camera is, we just cannot do our star floors justice, you have to see them to believe their beauty! Onyx lighting is quite amazing, too! Our customers are blown away with the finished product EVERY time.

Improve security with landscape lighting!

Did you know that adding landscape lighting to your home can vastly improve curb appeal, beauty AND security? Thieves and vandals are less likely to target a home or business that is WELL lit. Be the talk of your neighborhood with custom landscape lighting from the professionals at Abstract Lighting!

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If you have ever considered professional landscape lighting, pool lighting or custom lighting you can call us for a free evaluation & presentation. This means we come to you, show you exactly what we can light and where. We also guarantee our work 100%, with the thousands of customers we have serviced we get so many referrals based on the quality of work we have done.

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Helpful Tips to consider when investing in lighting for your business!

In today’s business, we know that EVERY cent counts. So by taking steps to reduce your overhead is always a worthwhile endeavor. Switching to a more cost effective and better ambient solution sounds good, right? Of course it does! If your building, office, restaurant, bar or facility is outdated now is the time to make the switch! We have here some helpful tips to get you started on a brighter, more profitable future with Abstract Lighting LLC!

Make the switch to LED light technology!

The first step to consider when comparing LED lighting sources is their essential usage. LED light bulbs are directional by nature. Therefore, they perform effectively in areas that require ambient illumination around ones home, office, bar, restaurant, business etc. As such, our customers may choose this type of lighting for areas of the bathroom, hallways, kitchen, bar, walkways, landscape lighting, building lighting, and pool lighting. Some common LED fixtures that can work well with this technology include the following:

Sconce Lighting
Spot Lights
Decorative Lighting
Accent Lighting
Recessed Lighting
Security Lighting

You can choose an appropriate lighting source from the above options, and let us decide where the BEST placement should be! We are a full service, custom lighting company. Which means, from start to finish, we take care of it ALL. You choose the fixtures, color and placement and we will give our professional opinion on what would be best for your purchase!

If you have ANY questions about custom lighting for your home, office, pool or landscape please give us a call OR email any time!


Abstract Lighting: Innovative Bar Lighting Ideas

As a lot of you may know, we’re Arizona’s #1 landscape lighting company. BUT, did you know we’re also #1 in custom, bar lighting?

I must say, doing creative, bar lighting in Arizona bar’s & homes has to be one of the most rewarding jobs we do. (aside from the look on customers face’s’ once our job is complete).

Here we have a bar that everyone in the are will want to be at on a Friday or Saturday evening! We selected a variety of lighting concepts that came together creating a warm, cool and clean feel. The Glacier blue LED light surrounds the perimeter of the bar and serves to contrast against the warm hues of the wood floor!

Bar lighting is a thing of the future and everyone is doing it. If you’re looking to attract customers to your Arizona bar or restaurant, you must consider custom light work. It creates an atmosphere of pure sophistication and elegance, not to mention class. While you’re entrees and drinks may be suited for the well off and upper class society, if you’re ambiance isn’t then you could be losing business!

This modest, outdoor deck is truly a delight! We see this as being a focal point in any number of chilly, fall nights with a few family members or friends! The orange LED lights we selected cast a “campfire” like glow inviting you in like moths to a flame! Simply gorgeous.

Here we have a compact, clean and creative lighting design. This is a small, at-home corner bar that has it all and is really brought together by clever lighting designs! Utilizing two hanging light fixtures, the real ambiance is created by the false wall behind the bar. Behind the false wall, fluorescent lights emanate a glow that highlights the bar area without any harsh, directional lighting.

Ok, welcome to the future! This bar seems to be straight out of any Sci-Fi movie you may have seen before. But it exists today as a brilliant example of integrating lighting into architecture!

If you are interested in learning more to turn your bar into a thing of pure beauty, CONTACT US!

5 Landscape Lighting Highlights from Abstract Lighting!

As home owners, we strive to make our house unique! Many often do this with different types of plants, sculptures, paint AND landscape lighting!

But, there’s often an aspect of landscape lighting that is over looked, and that is placement. At Abstract Lighting, we spend the time to properly place your lighting so that when night falls, it looks PERFECT. We often double and triple check your landscape lighting at night (when it’s most noticed).

1. Abstract Lighting does NOT use low quality equipment. We’ve seen it time and time again when a home owner will want to try out solar lights and use them sparsely. These types of lamps burn out quickly (the panel & bulb) and usually aren’t placed correctly. We utilize only the best equipment giving you (the homeowner) a piece of mind when having us install your dream scape!

2. Abstract Lighting knows the, “must haves” when considering placement on your lighting. When lighting your area, we will make sure that the following areas are lit correctly and beautifully-

– Trees
– Patios
– Driveways
– Pathways & Entryways
– Steps
– Pools
– Spas
– Bars
– Overhead

3. Abstract Lighting typically ONLY utilizes LED light technology for your project’s’. While considering lighting there are two major choices, LED and Halogen. Choosing LED for your landscape lighting is the best option for your dollar. While typically lasting up to 100,000 hours, LED landscape lighting makes it the #1 choice for your project. Another advantage would be the durability, a lot of times we see that landscape companies don’t see the lights we install and they will kick them over. This isn’t a concern as stated above, we only use the best products out! 99% of the time we will just need to adjust the bulb to it’s former state.

4. Abstract Lighting always avoids “Light Pollution”. A lot of the times, lower end lighting companies will create a bunch of light pollution that shines into peoples eyes, shines into your neighbors yard OR windows and sometimes using TOO much light that washes out the night sky. Abstract Lighting has the utmost attention to detail and will ALWAYS have your yard looking the BEST in your neighborhood.

5. Abstract Lighting can show you AND plan out how your yard will look before 1 bulb is installed! With many years experience in the landscape lighting industry, we’ve seen it all! That being said, we take the time to talk with you about what you want while giving advice and expert opinions! This guarantees your project will be exceed your expectations!

If you’re interested in learning more about ANY sort of custom landscape lighting, please CONTACT US!

FACTS about LED landscape lighting

Here is SEVEN facts about LED landscape lighting for your yard or terrace!

1. LED bulbs/lights contain zero harmful toxins and are usually brighter than traditional Incandescent bulbs, which makes it a more safe environment for you and your family!
2. LED lights (unlike other bulbs) do NOT attract insects at night because they do not emit UV rays.
3. If you’re looking for a custom application, LED light technology is able to easily change colors/effects with a remote on your phone, iPad or computer! This makes it easier to turn your backyard into a beautiful environment to entertain guests at any sort of event!
4. LED bulbs come in ALL shapes and sizes, this versatility allows you to pick and choose the best light for your project.
5. LED light technology is FAR less cheaper when compared to older light technology (Incandescent bulbs).
6. Every bulb we utilize is water resistant/proof which is a HUGE advantage when placed near waterways such as pools, spas, ponds etc!
7. LED bulbs emit a VERY low amount of heat so that placing them near or around your plants/trees they will not cause any damage!

Thank you for reading! We hope this article was helpful and informative about LED light technology!

If you would like more information about how you can transform your backyard, terrace, pool, spa or ANYTHING else you want lit up please CONTACT US!

Our first blog post!

Hey guys!

This is our first blog post and we’re exciting to have this brand new, awesome landscape lighting website!

When it comes to landscape lighting in arizona, Abstract Lighting LLC is the #1 leader for quality, customer service and custom lighting. We were one of the first companies to introduce custom, fiber optic tiles in the landscape-pool lighting industry. We can ANY custom lighting design using onyx or fiber optic tiles!

No job is too big or too small! We pride ourselves in being the best in the industry while always putting your needs first!

If you’re looking for a free consultation, please CONTACT US!

Have a wonderful day, Arizona!