Fiber Optic Lighting

Here at Abstract Lighting, we pride ourselves in being America’s #1 Custom, Fiber Optic creator and installer. We have had many happy, high end clients with GORGEOUS custom lighting in and around their homes. Check out our gallery so you can see for yourself! If your home OR business needs a make over, Abstract Lighting will turn your dreams into a reality!

As you will see in our gallery we have created beautiful, custom lighting tiles using ONYX. We are one of the ONLY custom lighting companies in America (and the world) to create custom lit images using
this technology. If you’re truly looking to stand out, this is how you do it. Everything we design is custom cut with 100% customer satisfaction, guaranteed.

Fiber Optic Lighting is the most modern, and extravagant way to turn your home or business into a thing of pure luxury. Please contact us for a 100% free evaluation and start making your dream a reality!

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